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Alexander Penley, JD, LLM

U.S. Attorney at Law/British Solicitor

Since 1997, Penley Global Law has helped countless small companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals protect their interests and resolve contractual disputes. Whether it is protecting your intellectual property, incorporating your new business, or going to court to receive funds from a customer that hasn’t paid you, Penley Global Law can help you with your ongoing business needs.

Alexander Penley, founder of Penley Global Law, has more than 13 years experience in corporate and immigration law. He has litigated cases in Federal and State courts, and achieved numerous settlements and court ordered awards. 

He received his JD from Case Western Reserve University and an LLM (with honors) in International Intellectual Property from London Metropolitan University. He is licensed to practice in California, Washington D.C and Federally, thus enabling him to litigate (non-patent) intellectual property and immigration issues anywhere in the United States. Additionally he is a certified British Solicitor. 

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