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Alexander Penley is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers' Association.

Corporate Formation

There are so many decisions to be made by a new corporation or Legal Liability Company

(LLC).  The process of corporate formation is laden with potential pitfalls which can damage

the business and its principals. Proper legal guidance is essential in navigating your

business through this hazardous terrain. Penley Global Law can assist you in setting up the

exact legal entity which best serves your business interests and goals. From the formation

documents through stock issuance to agreements between the partners, Penley Global Law

can help you create the perfect business entity tailored to your needs.

Transactional and Business Law Practice
Penley Global Law can handle all of your transactional needs including contract drafting

and review, trademark registration and copyright infringement. If necessary we will take care

of litigation on your behalf or defending you in the event of litigation to resolve disputes. 

Employee Issues
Penley Global Law has extensive experience dealing with employment issues for both

employers and individuals. We can help you tailor your employment practices to prevent

possible employee disputes by assisting you in implementing the proper safeguards to

ensure that your conduct conforms to the appropriate labor laws. We will aggressively

pursue your interests should your employment rights be violated. 

Intellectual Property
In our technologically driven world Intellectual Property is a field of legal expertise

increasingly important in all areas of business. Intellectual Property matters include

Copyright, Trademark, licensing and new media. Most importantly, we are prepared to work

with all aspects of e-commerce and internet based interests. Penley Global Law continues

to secure our clients' Intellectual Property rights contractually and, when necessary, defends

these rights in court.




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